Codium fragile (Suhr) Hariot

Also known as Codium fragile subsp. tomentosoides and Codium fragile subsp. atlanticum

Description: A spongy, dichotomously branched green alga without distinct flattening at the forks of the branches. A number of subspecies have been described, some of which have been introduced in various parts of the world. Although two spubspecies were widely accepted as having been introduced into Britain and Ireland, recent detailed genetic studies have shown that this is not the case.
Habitat: Mainly in pools in the upper and mid-shore; relatively uncommon in Ireland and Britain.
Distribution:NE Atlantic: Netherlands (Stegenga et al., 1997). Britain (Burrows, 1991). Ireland (Guiry, 1978; Burrows, 1991). N. France (Feldmann & Magne, 1964). N. Spain (Pérez-Cirera et al., 1989). Azores (Neto, 1994).
Mediterranean: Spain (Ballesteros, 1981; Ballesteros & Romero, 1982; Gallardo et al., 1985). Adriatic shore of Italy (Furnari et al., 1999). Adriatic (Battelli & Vukovic, 1995; Battelli, 1996). Greece (Gerloff & Geissler, 1974).
Australasia: New Zealand (Adams, 1994, adventive).
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