Delesseria sanguinea (Hudson) J.V. Lamouroux

Delesseria sanguinea

Description: Membranous, bright crimson fronds, with cartilaginous, cylindrical, branched stipe arising from a thickened discoid holdfast, to 300 mm long. Branches bearing spirally arranged, leaf-like, ovate-lanceolate blades, each with short stipe and pinnately branched midrib, membranous portion monostromatic, margin undulate (on mature blades), entire. Reproductive structures in small oval, stalked blades, borne on midribs in winter.
Habitat: On rocks, deep shady lower intertidal pools and subtidal, generally distributed, most common and perfectly beautiful in spring.
Similar species: Phycodrys rubens is superfically similar but has a duller brownish-red colour and its leaves have an oak-leaf outline.
Key characteristics: Leaf-like ovate-lanceolate blades.
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Delesseria sanguinea © M.D. Guiry

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