Gelidium pulchellum (Turner) J.V. Lamouroux

Gelidium pulchellum

Description: Cartilaginous, regularly or irregularly bipinnate, dark red-brown fronds, 50-100 mm high, arising from a creeping base. Main axes narrow, cylindrical, somewhat flattened above. Ultimate branches short, pointed at first, later ± spathulate, particularly when reproductive. Appearance variable with habitat and time of year.
Habitat: Abundant in and around tidal pools in mid- and lower intertidal in high-light situations. Generally epiphytic on Corallina officinalis and growing on limpets. Widely distributed, common.
Similar species: Gelidium spinosum is more flattened and more regularly pinnately branched and occurs in lower-shore habitats and in the subtidal. Pterocladiella capillacea is much less common, more regular and pyramidal in outline.
Key characteristics: Pinnate branching, mid- and lower-intertidal low-light habitats, and slighly flattened main axis.
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