Jania squamata (Linnaeus) J.H.Kim, Guiry & H.-G.Choi

Other names: Also known as Haliptylon squamatum.
Description: Fronds characteristically pink with whitish tips (above), calcified, articulated, regularly pinnate, to 200 mm long, axis compressed, repeatedly pinnate from and entangles stoloniferous base, more abundantly and regularly branched than C. officinalis. Articulations relatively large, distinctly shield-shaped, often arrow-shaped.
Habitat: Mostly epiphytic on Cystoseira species in lower-shore pools on moderately wave-exposed coasts. Occasionally on rock. Rare.
Distribution: SW and W Ireland and Britain south to Canary Islands and Sénégal. Mediterranean.
Similar species: Corallina officinalis is commoner, is more chalky in colour, has less regular branching, and generally has more rounded articulations. Jania rubens which is dichotomously branched.
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