Membranoptera alata (Hudson) Stackhouse

Fucus vesiculosus
Description: Membranous, deep crimson to brownish red fronds, to 200 mm long. With short stipe, well-marked midrib (above), and narrow, winglike monostromatic margins, pinnately veined, to 12 mm wide (margins often lacking in older plants). Branching irregularly dichotomous, frequently proliferating from midribs, apices blunt.
Habitat: On rocks or onstipes, lower intertidal and subtidal, generally distributed, common.
Similar species: Pantoneura angustissima (Turner) Kylin is reported epiphytic on Laminaria hyperborea stipes from the subtidal of NE Scotland in winter. This entity is much confused with narrow forms of Membranoptera alata, which become increasingly common as one progresses northwards. No authentic records of Pantoneura from Britain are known since the 19th century.

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