Meredithia microphylla J. Agardh

Meredithia microphylla
Church Bay, Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland. 30 August 2005. Picture © Bernard Picton, Ulster Museum.

Description: Flattened, cartilaginous, rose-red, brick red to purplish fronds, simple, obovate, 10-30 mm high, stipe relatively long (about 10 mm). Often festooned with hydroids and bryozoa.
Habitat: Habitat: Epilithic in the sublittoral to 15 m deep. Commonest on wave-swept shelves.
Distribution: Western distribution in the British Isles on the coasts of south-west England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Europe: the Mediterranean, Azores, Portugal, Spain and France, Canary Islands.
Similar species: Kallymenia reniformis, of which it is thicker than when mature; it is also crisp to the touch, whereas Kallymenia is soft to the touch.

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