Metacallophyllis laciniata (Hudson) A.Vergés & L.Le Gall

Callophyllis laciniata

Formerly Callophyllis laciniata (Hudson) Kützing

Common name(s): Bautiful Fan weed.
Description: Thick, flattened, subcartilaginous, ± palmate, deep crimson fronds, to 200 mm high, with short wedge-shaped stipe from small discoid base. Frond ± deeply cleft into wedge-shaped segments, themselves divided subdichotomously, apices rounded, margins smooth or fringed with minute proliferations.
Habitat: On rock or Laminaria hyperborea stipes, rarely in shady pools of the lower intertidal or subtidal, common, widely distributed mostly on western and southwestern coasts in Britian and Ireland. Persistant and common in drift.

Callophyllis laciniata © M.D. Guiry
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Photographs © M.D. Guiry