Phyllophora pseudoceranoides (S.G. Gmelin) P.R. Newroth & A. R. A. Taylor

Callophyllis laciniata
Description: Cartilaginous, purplish or reddish-brown fronds, to 100 mm high, with narrow, cylindrical, irregularly dichotomously branched stipes arising from small discoid holdfasts and expanding into flat fan-shaped laminae.
Habitat: Shady sides of pools in lower intertidal and on rock subtidally. Widely distributed, frequent.
Similar species: Phyllophora sicula, formerly P. palmettoides, is a “southern” species that occurs very rarely on rock in the extreme lower intertidal in S and W Ireland and SW England; its fronds are less divided and arise in clusters from a thin, expanded, discoid base.

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