Porphyrostromium boryanum (Montagne) P.C.Silva

Also known as: Erythrotrichia boryana (Montagne) Bory
Description: Ribbon-like rose-red, 10-800 µm broad, simple, sinuate, unbranched blades often curled at margins, one cell in thickness, arising from small disk on cell in thickness growing epiphytically on various algae. Tapering to a narrow point with a single apical cell. Marure cells rounded, 10-20 µm in diam., and often in regular lateral and vertical rows, but becoming more irregular as blades mature.
Habitat: Epiphytic on Fucus, Zostera and various smaller algae in the lower intertidal and shallow subtidal.
Key characteristics:
Epiphytic habitat. Unbranched, curled blades one cell in thickness.
Similar species: Porphyropsis coccinea.
Distribution: Svalbard south to Canary Islands; western Mediterranean and Adriatic; west coast of Africa south to South Africa, west coast of N. America.


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Photographs: Carnsew Pool, Hayle, Cornwall, England; on Fucus serratus. 14 Apr 2018 © David Fenwick, 16 April 2018. Top: habit of plant removed from Fucus serratus (longest blade about 4 mm. Bottom: cells of young and mature blades (scale = 10 µm).