Rhodymenia pseudopalmata (J.V. Lamouroux) P.C. Silva

Schmitzia hiscockiana
Also known as R. palmetta although this entity may represent a diffrent species.
Description: Flattened, fan-shaped, rather stiff, rose-red fronds, to 100 mm high, with long or short stipes arising from a discoidal base. Fronds repeatedly dichotomously lobed, axils wide, apices rounded, margin smooth.
Habitat: On rocks, shady pools, lower intertidal and subtidal (to ? m), also epiphytic on Laminaria hyperborea stipes, south and west coasts, frequent.
Similar species:May be confused with Phyllophora psedudceranoides, which is darker purplish-brown, does not occur on stipes, and the apices are not as rounded.

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